At the beginning there was a vision: A compact solution which measures everything around the robot directly inside the production cell

Robot calibration systems by WIEST

WIEST Corp is a hundred percent subsidiary of WIEST AG, Germany. The US office was founded in 2018 in the Metropolregion of Atlanta.    

The Founder of WIEST AG, Dr. Ulrich Wiest, is from the branch and knows the problem from practice: Since 1996 he carries out developments in the field of robot calibration and played a significant role in the development of the absolutely exact robot as well as the measuring robot for KUKA and a doctorate in the Kinematics calibration of industrial robots. (Download of the doctorate as PDF).

Since the founding of WIEST AG he develops products in the area of robot calibration and participated in the research project “IroProg – Innovative robotprogramming” of the Federal Republic of Germany. His invention “3D-coordinates measuring system” has been patented in 2006.

Today, WIEST AG is a leading supplier of products and strategies for highly accurate calibration of robots and robot cells, with the head quarters in southern Germany, the centre of the German automotive industry. Whether it is cars, aeroplane or medical technology: The customers of WIEST AG come from all branches and receive solutions for all measurement and calibration requirements for industrial robots.


We are a competent partner for all branches that produce with the help of industrial robots. Our Systems are currently applied mainly by the branches automobile industry, automobile sub-suppliers, plant construction, medical technology, aircraft construction and textile industry.

Automotive (OEM)